Pure saxophone in a wide range. That’s how Angela Puxi, the professionally drawn saxophonist would answer, if she was asked about her musical repertoire. Though someone who likes metaphorical speaking, might as well call her the „Canis Majoris“ of the music circus. While listening to Angela Puxi’s music, you can easily come up with superlative terms. She’s a full hearted musician with italian roots who just wants to focus on what’s most important: Making music and touching people’s hearts. That’s what she has done up till now, in live shows all over Europe. Whether smooth jazz, lounge, pop, funk, soul or r&b, Angela Puxi knows how to make her instrument sing and give goose-bombs to her audience. Her new CD “Senza Parole“, released in july 2012 gives impressive proof of how deeply she lives music. Sensitive, unmistakeable, and fascinating, she goes straight to the heart.