Model SX 90 R Shadow

An outstanding instrument is a basic requirement for my musical expression. When I checked out Keilwerth saxophones for the first time in 2012, I was very impressed. Never before I had played better instruments. All the saxes I had been playing so far, had limited me sound-wise, like a filter between me and the sound coming out of the instrument. This changed with my new saxophone. To me, the Keilwerth SX 90 Shadow Is the perfect instrument. It feels good to the hands and fingers and offers me new possibilities of sound and expression. Thanks to Keilwerth for developping these top professional instruments. I am happy to be a member of their team.

Angela Puxi plays a Clip Mic from Applied Microphone Technology, inc.

After extensive testing on stage and in the studio with my other clip mics, I have decided to get the AMT LS flagship model for Saxophon.
The unbiased and originally sound of the AMT model was a gamechanger. The sound technicians were very positiv – they did not have to change the sound – the Sax sounds just like a Sax should.
For someone like me, who has really digged deep, this microphone is like mana from heaven. A big thanks to all the R&D´s at Applied Microphone Technology for this grand mic – for me it is the best mic ever.

Angela Puxi plays Hooki



Finally here is the health-friendly Saxophone strap that it very stylish indeed.

No sax player admits having back problems, coming from standard straps around the neck – but with my Hooki I can play much more relaxed. The open and minimal format compliments my stage outfits. It is easy to put on and remove and always stays where it is supposed to be.

Something really awesome and I would not want to miss on any stage.